How to effortlessly network in the real estate industry

The real estate industry relies heavily on other people - whether that be clients or colleagues - and making valuable connections as often as possible is a fantastic way to boost any business.

For real estate professionals, a strong network can mean the difference between buying and selling properties or struggling to make a profit. Thankfully for those in the industry, there are a number of events and opportunities to meet up with new people on a regular basis. And, each of these openings should be taken whenever available.

However, simply attending a networking event won't cut it. Real estate professionals have to be able to turn a meeting into future business, and that can be challenging. In order to help out, here are a few tips and tricks:

Start with a good plan
Effortless networking requires a strong plan, Nicole Beauchamp, a New York-based real estate agent, wrote in an article for Inman News. This is especially valuable at major networking events and conferences, when certain people may only be in town for a few days.

So, Beauchamp explained that having a plan can ensure meeting the right professionals. For example, real estate agents should figure out who is going to be in attendance ahead of time. Then, they can make a list and decide to meet those people in a specific order. That way, nobody important slips through the cracks. Getting started usually requires only a simple conversation. It is smart to be honest, open and normal. Attendees should treat these events like having a talk on the street, and just be themselves.

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Avoid sounding like a salesperson
Networking events can turn into a mountain of sales pitches. For those in attendance, it can get tiresome to hear hard sells over and over again. Instead, it is much more refreshing to simply have normal conversations with other people.

Therefore, leaving the sales pitch at home is one of the smartest decisions for professionals, according to Entrepreneur magazine. On the other hand, the goal should be to have fun, lighthearted conversations. Most attendees want to connect with friendly people whose company they actually enjoy. All preliminary talks should be casual and focused on generic topics, like industry trends.

Once this is complete, professionals can then show their true feelings about their business, the news source noted. Enthusiasm can go a long way at a networking event, so it pays to be excited, engaged and happy. Other people will see this passion and be more willing to talk. But, it is also important to remember that this joy shouldn't take over the conversation. It is vital that an equal amount of listening is done in addition to the talking.

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