How real estate agents can build a brand via social media

Real estate professionals across the country should place an emphasis on social media, and attempt to build up their brand through this aspect.

An effective real estate agent has to worry about many different things on a day-to-day basis, from managing listings and clients' expectations to building a professional brand.

The latter is especially vital, because a brand can provide numerous advantages and reach a large number of potential clients. In fact, one of the best - and easiest - ways to boost this element is through social media, a cost-effective and efficient strategy to target a wide audience. Because of this, real estate professionals across the country should place an emphasis on this aspect, and attempt to build up their brand through social media.

Why social media and a brand work together
Real estate professionals may be wondering why social media is so valuable to their brand. While there are a number of answers, the simplest is because of how effective it is in reaching clients and growing a business.

According to Marieke Hensel in an article for Branding Personality, every real estate agent should use social media in some regard for their work. If done properly, it will easily build a person's reputation and help them establish themselves as an industry expert. Once this is achieved, it will be much easier to reach customers, provide value and retain clients for a long duration. So, it can help to think about these people before making a post online. Will they be interested in the content? Does it help them in any way?

In addition to reputation, another reason why social media is useful for real estate is because of networking, Hensel explained. These tools are a fantastic way to connect with others in the industry and keep in touch with current and past clients. This can lead to referrals, or even provide insights into how other professionals market and promote their businesses. In fact, those who work closely with other successful real estate agents will most likely find success themselves as well.

A strong social media strategy requires quality information. Courthouse Retrieval System can provide that, with easy access to a wide range of mortgage records, property data and much more. This means real estate professionals no longer have to travel to the local courthouse to reach valuable documents.

Steps to use social media effectively
One of the biggest upsides to social media is its variety and ease-of-use. Essentially, real estate professionals have a number of options and strategies at their disposal, and this can make reaching new clients, connecting with others in the industry and building a brand a simpler task.

For starters, Andy Fulton wrote in an article for Market Leader that real estate agents should reach out to potential clients via Facebook. This can be done in several ways, but the easiest is to engage them naturally. Most people don't respond well to forced advertising and other obvious marketing ploys, but those who talk back, write meaningful posts and come across as friendly could be more successful in this regard. While a personal page can be effective, it may also help to set up a business fan page. This can make room for more promotional advertising, listings of foreclosed houses, and so on. 

While Facebook is one of the most popular options, it isn't the only one. According to Fulton, real estate agents can also build a brand on YouTube. This site is extremely valuable, and professionals can simply film listings and post them online. This way, potential clients can see the value immediately, and it will also help get more traffic to other sites. A title rich in keywords will drive up search engine results, and that means more people will find other avenues of social media to explore.

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