How social media can boost a real estate business

it is crucial that real estate professionals interested in creating better social media do so in an effective manner without wasting energy and money.

Today's real estate industry is dominated by the Internet and technology. With devices like the smartphone and the tablet everywhere, it is imperative that professionals take advantage of a digital world to attract clients and boost business.

Social media is one of the best ways to achieve this aforementioned goal, with valuable resources that can market listings, like foreclosed houses, or put a personal spin on a company's public image.

However, this strategy can be time-consuming. Therefore, it is crucial that real estate professionals interested in creating better social media do so in an effective manner without wasting energy and money.

The sites behind social media
There are a lot of social media sites for one to use - from the always-popular Facebook to more underutilized options. Regardless of weapon of choice, real estate agents can turn to social media in order to reach family, friends, customers and colleagues - all without breaking the bank.

According to Realty Biz News, agents should turn to Facebook if they are interested in promoting word-of-mouth marketing or property listings. This site can be the perfect place to post a collection of foreclosed houses or other homes, as Facebook has a large audience with unique features that allow for added focus. Either way, real estate agents should always engage other users and participate in a conversation - as long as it's on a professional profile page.

In addition, Twitter can be the perfect site for agents who want keep things short and sweet, Realty Biz News explained. The length limit on tweets means that this social media strategy has to be specifically tailored to the medium. Twitter is an ideal way to connect with new clients and drum up consumer interest in a certain property.

Another useful tool is Pinterest, the news source noted. This site is unique because it places an importance of photos, where the users get to share their favorites via their profiles. This application can be perfect for real estate, because it allows agents to share images of properties, or even discuss creative design tips. Regardless of how an agent uses Pinterest, they'll be engaging consumers on a personal level.

Courthouse Retrieval System offers an expansive collection of mortgage records, property data and much more. This in-depth access to information can be exactly what real estate professionals need for their business, including a social media strategy.

Keys to successful social media
Even though many people use social media in their personal lives, turning those sites into a useful asset for real estate can be slightly more complicated. That is why it helps to have a clear strategy in place before starting out.

Rebekah Radice, contributor to Inman News, wrote that real estate professionals should jot down their goals for social media. This can be especially useful if current methods aren't working out. Agents could determine their main objective, and then establish ways to reach that goal. 

Radice also explained that having a target audience can prevent social media from turning into a waste of time. For example, the product needs to be geared toward the right people, otherwise even great marketing won't work. In order to do this, real estate agents should figure out who that person is, what they want out of social media and what their biggest problem is related to the real estate process.

Once this is done, it helps to have a local spin, according to Radice. The best social media networks start here, and current clients and colleagues make for perfect friends and followers. Once a community is built, it will be easier to spread out and attract more people via social media.

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